We all are well aware of the tremendous impact played by globalization on our culture, including many others. Due to these large-scale cultural and geographical difference exchanges, the only thing that can effectively bind everything is ‘communication’. However, one such barrier that turns out to be quite a disadvantage in such an exchange of cultures, especially across borders, is the linguistic constraint.

Among a large audience, there are quite a lot of people who are not comfortable watching or understanding any kind of content in pure English language as for ages Hindi has been our cultural language that is spoken and understood by many.

Hence, one way to solve such a problem of linguistic barriers could be an effective English to Hindi translation of content. To understand this even more let’s look at how such an initiative can transform these industries unbelievably:

  1. Education

The translation into the Hindi language can open the doors wide for better learning and education that will equip students with major study skills and understanding concepts even more. Smartly incorporating easy translation methods and procedures into the textbooks of students can help them understand complex subjects easily.

Also, providing a translation of online lectures into the Hindi language will help students gain more conceptual understanding and will be able to crack competitive exams even better.

  1. Healthcare

The similar translation activities in terms of healthcare will be a perfect mix of culture and modern education that will make the everyday lives of doctors, medical students as well and patients easy. The translation of the curriculum into basic and popular Hindi language will enable the Hindi-medium students to not lag to practise their interest in the medical field rather than wasting time primarily focusing on language.

Also, English to Hindi translation will enable better and clearer communication between the doctor and his patients.

  1. Entertainment

Now, this situation is faced by many at least once in their lifetime when we watch a Hollywood movie, show, or any other content in terms of understanding as even when we are quite young we are not born with proficiency in the English language as much as we have in Hindi.

So, a smooth translation of the international content into the Hindi language will help to make it reach an unimaginably wider section of the audience.

  1. E-commerce

We all know the usage of e-commerce sites in our daily lives for shopping, payments, form-filling work, etc. So, making the content of such e-commerce websites, portals and pages in Hindi language will help people with weak English vocabulary or understanding to work with them which will make their everyday lives much easier and more efficient.

  1. Government solutions

There are several important notifications, circulars, letters, rules, and laws issued by the government on quite a regular basis for various matters related to income tax, laws, budget, documentation, etc.

Hence, easy availability of such charter documents must be in the Hindi language as well so that they could be well-received and understood by the citizens and no crucial information gets missed due to language.


I hope that after going through this article you will be completely familiar with the exact and significant role English to Hindi translation activities can play in the transformation of these 5 crucial industries which no one would have ever thought of as it acts as a binding agent even in such a complex and globalized world in terms of effective communication.

By Devnagri AI

Devnagri is an AI-powered translation engine to help businesses reach 500 M+ Indian Internet users in their regional languages. We enable faster and on-time translation by using the AI-powered workflow to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the translation process.

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