Wholesale YG10 cemented carbide bar jinxincarbide.com

Product Name: Wholesale YG10 cemented carbide bar

Wholesale YG10 cemented carbide bar http://www.jinxincarbide.com/product/cemented-carbide-rod

Company Name: Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd

Address: 8 floor, Building B, No. 500 Jinshan Road, Jinshan Technological Industrial Park,Hetang District, Zhuzhou,Hunan, China

Description: 1. 100% virgin raw material2. High wear resistance3. Senior engineer professional technical service team4. 100% inspection before shipment5. Shipped on time

Contact: Vicent Ni

Telphone: 86-073122588488-8615573301853

Fax: 86-073122588488-073122588488

Email: jinxincarbide@163.com

Company Website:http://www.jinxincarbide.com

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