Volvo Various Construction HE551V Turbo 2835376

Product Name: Volvo Various Construction HE551V Turbo 2835376

Volvo Various Construction HE551V Turbo 2835376

Company Name: Dandong Lichi Turbocharger Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Address: 160 Meters East Of The Fifth Group, Fengshan Village, Dandong, Liaoning, China

Description: The Volvo truck with turbocharger can save up to 16% fuel and still offer the same power. As the most safe vehicle brand in the world, Volvo not only engages in the private vehicle industry, but also specializes in truck and construction machinery manufacture.
Your truck can be much more powerful and have lower gas emission with turbocharger. You can have a wonderful driving experience in a long trip. What is more, this turbocharger will also make your job easier in the construction site.
For HE551V Turbo 2835376. it is specific for your Volvo various construction 700 engine. We provide high-quality standard for the product. Our main focus is meeting the needs of your requirements.

Contact: 范鸿达

Telphone: 86-0415-18840854185

Fax: 86-0415-18840584185


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