Visible Cattle Earring Tags For Farm

Product Name: Visible Cattle Earring Tags For Farm

Visible Cattle Earring Tags For Farm

Company Name: Luoyang Laipson Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address: N3 Peony Road West of Luolong Technology Zone, Luoyang City, Henan, China

Description: 1.The square cow cattle small ear tag VM405 uses a square design and can be laser coded on the front of the ear tag.2. Imported raw materials, excellent flexibility, excellent tensile test, acid and alkali resistance, ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance, no drop, and resistance to severe cold and heat.3. Imported color masterbatch, custom color, does not fade, is resistant to dirt, is not easy to hang feces, easy to clean dirt, laser coding is black enough.4.Manufacturing company and EXW factory prices.

Contact: Lisa

Telphone: 86-0379-69955056

Fax: 86-0379-65619181


Company Website:

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