Transparent Neutral Interior Structural Sealant

Product Name: Transparent Neutral Interior Structural Sealant

Transparent Neutral Interior Structural Sealant

Company Name: Shandong Yongyan Sealant Industry Co.,Ltd.

Address: No.10, Dongzhen Road, Doncheng Street, Linqu County, Weifang City, China

Description: Transparent Neutral Interior Structural SealantAdvanced Neutral structural silicone sealantCharacteristics:1.One- component, Neutral cured, High strength, High adhesion, Medial high modulus, strong resistance to displacement.2.Excellent adhesion and sealing performance without primer for most building materials, and has good extensibility, water tightness and other functions.3.Cold resistant, heat- resistant, non-corrosive after cured, Excellent weather resistant, Anti-aging, UV resistance, Ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance.4.Easy to use with excellent weathering resistance and Anti-aging.

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