NAS1638 Benchtop Oil Particle Counter

Product Name: NAS1638 Benchtop Oil Particle Counter

NAS1638 Benchtop Oil Particle Counter

Company Name: KAYCAN INSTRUMENT (Dalian) Co.,Ltd

Address: DAXINZHAIZI village, Ganjingzi District, Dalian,Liaoning province China.

Description: this oil particle counter equip with Built-in ISO4406,GB/T14039, NAS1638, JBT9737.1, SAE749D, GJB420A,GJB420B, DL/T1096 particulate contamination level standards and user-defined particle channel settings; can built-in required standard according to user requirements;

Contact: Jimmy Chou

Telphone: 86-13889520862-13889520862

Fax: 86-13889520862-13889520862


Company Website:

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