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Product Name: High Gloss Pantone Offset Ink

High Gloss Pantone Offset Ink http://www.printarea.cn/product/high-gloss-pantone-offset-ink

Company Name: Foshan Yinya Technology Co., Ltd

Address: H01, Pingzhou Guangping International Trade Park,Guicheng Street, Nanhai District,Foshan City, 528200

Description: Pantone Offset Printing Ink is widely used in all kinds of packaging, posters and so on.Inklove Offset Printing Ink soybean composition is very high, is a kind of environmental protection, solvent based .ink.Every month we sell 1 ton of pantone spot ink to customers at home and abroad.We have our own spot color research center, our factory engineers have more than 20 years of printing experience, if you want to customize the color, you can send your sample or tell us the Pantone number, so we can customize the color you want.

Contact: Caroline

Telphone: 86-86-757-86716019

Fax: 86-86-757-86716019

Email: fluorescentink@163.com

Company Website:http://www.printarea.cn

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