Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5 tstcheck.com

Product Name: Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5

Female Feminine Vaginal Ph Test Strips 3.0-6.5 http://www.tstcheck.com/product/female-feminine-vaginal-ph-test-strips-30-65

Company Name: Jilin Test Bio-Electron Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1165 Ya 'an Road, Beihu Science And Technology Development Zone, Changchun, Jilin, CN

Description: What Is A Vaginal Ph Test: A Vaginal Ph Test Is A Simple Way To Measure How Acidic Or Alkaline Your Vaginal Secretions Are. Elevated Feminine Ph Levels May Signal A Vaginal Infection.(i.e., Itching, Burning, Unpleasant Odor, Or Unusual Discharge)How To Test Vaginal Ph At Home: Before Testing, Wash And Dry Your Hands.use A Cotton Swab,gently Collect A Small Amount Of Sample And Apply It Into Strip. Wait For 15 Seconds And Compare The Results To The Color Chart.

Contact: Celia

Telphone: 86-0431-81951681

Fax: 86-0431-81951681

Email: support@runbotest.com

Company Website:http://www.tstcheck.com

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