Custom Sheet Metal Dies Manufacturer

Product Name: Custom Sheet Metal Dies Manufacturer

Custom Sheet Metal Dies Manufacturer

Company Name: Xiamen Qiangsheng Industry and Trad Co, Ltd

Address: 21-101 Kengping Road,Guankou,Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province ,China

Description: With earthshaking development for electronic products, stamping parts tend to be more and more complex and precision. Xiamen Qiangsheng metal stamping catch the chance to challenge itself, and got abundant technical breakthrough:Successfully conquered 0.04mm thickness partSmoothly converted etch craft in to stamping partBlanking tolerance controlled from +/-0.05mm to +/-0.007mmIn die tapping & In die rivetingNo waste strip high speed stampingTooling speed ranges from 60SPM to 1500SPMZero error fit with insert-molding process

Contact: qiangsheng

Telphone: 86-592-5220670

Fax: 86-592-5220670


Company Website:

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