CNC 5-Axis Bridge Saw

Product Name: CNC 5-Axis Bridge Saw

CNC 5-Axis Bridge Saw


Address: Wushan Industrial District, Anhai, Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

Description: 1.CNC system works based on Windows system of AIO PC. Its special CNC system for disk working with linked 5 axis, able to simulate the cutting trajectory. Automatically finish 5-irregualr-surface in one time;2.CNC system is able to programed project, or customer make by office PC and copy to machine , system will automatically simulate processing and build G-code;3.Customer is able to change parameter during machine working, then choose to continue old project or start new one;4.Project data saved as model, easily reuse or update;5.High re-locate precision, good for project that require joint;6.Machine works with infrared to locate workpiece quickly;7.Able to connect Internet, for long-distance training and after service; Working dimension:32mm; Max.disk600m

Contact: Dipjdn Lwof

Telphone: 86-0648-85359165

Fax: 86-0648-85359165


Company Website:

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