Brown Airlaid Napkins For Restaurant And Hotel

Product Name: Brown Airlaid Napkins For Restaurant And Hotel

Brown Airlaid Napkins For Restaurant And Hotel

Company Name: Jinan Huaao Nonwoven Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: 5th Floor, 13 Binhe Industrial Park, Huihe Street, Jiyang District, Jinan, Shandong, China

Description: Colored airlaid napkins always add nobility and elegance to a table and enrich your plate. Our airlaid napkins are your number one choice for special events, whether it's cocktail reception, wedding reception, theme party or just hosting guests at home. If you run a hotel, restaurant or dessert cafe, our napkins are also your ideal choice. Airlaid napkins are thick, durable, absorbent and soft at the same time, and the dye we chose is safe and healthy, it won't hurt your skin. Our napkin products have won the national title of green environmental protection products, can be biodegradable.

Contact: huaao

Telphone: 86-531-84223999

Fax: 86-531-84223999


Company Website:

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