Bedroom Sliding Door With Retractable Flyscreen

Product Name: Bedroom Sliding Door With Retractable Flyscreen

Bedroom Sliding Door With Retractable Flyscreen

Company Name: Foshan Curma Building Materials Aluminum Co,. Ltd

Address: No8 ,Songgang Road,Nanhai,Foshan City ,Guangdong Province, China

Description: 1.4mm international profile thickness , standard German process design, make the product air tightness ,water tightness and wind pressure resistance performance effectively reflected .It can realize the double-track and three- track , and it can be opened flexibly, There are various styles and the design style is simple and atmospheric.The profile design adopts European standard hardware notches and multi-point locks to meet the versatility of accessories on the market and achieve a good ant-theft effect. Complete functions,mosquito net can be placed indoors and outdoors.Hollow glass can be freely equipped with mag

Contact: Jenna Lai

Telphone: 86-0757-85239309

Fax: 86-0757-85239309


Company Website:

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